Ambitious plans emerge from Blackpool

MGTF - will we see it revived?

William Riley, from the Riley automotive dynasty, has plans to revive a sizeable chunk of the indigenous British car industry -- including TVR and MG. If it all happens, the cars will be made in a new factory in Blackpool.

According to local paper Blackpool Today, Riley's been offered a plot of land at Bispham Technology Park, where he plans:

The report reckoned that talks started last week, although they're still at a very early stage. Riley does though have the right automotive industry experience and has asked the council to draw up a contract. Apparently, he's also in negotiations with receiver Pricewaterhousecoopers to buy the MG brand; he bought the Riley brand back in 1999.

If it all happens, he'll be building cars selling for around £60,000, mostly by hand. He plans to make the MG X-Power SV and a MG X-Power roadster and coupé. They'll be based on Italian designs and chassis but finished "with British styling and heritage", according to the report.

Riley currently runs Cranhills International Consultants Ltd, based in Worcestershire.